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If you are at the “idea” stage of your business, we provide sound advice to make sure you have a successful start. Together, we will discuss your business idea, ask all the asked and unasked questions, identify any pitfalls, and develop a go-to-market strategy. Believe us, it is better to address potential pitfalls before you spend your lifesavings on your dream idea.

You already have a business, but it is still brand new? We can help. We offer common sense, right-sized marketing, branding for your business, coaching for your leadership team (or just you, if you’re a solopreneur or owner manager). Our goal is to help your business or community based organization grow with practical, actionable advice.

We work with companies and organizations of all sizes, but we love to work with single proprietors, owners, directors of community organizations that want to grow on a tight budget. It is possible. Let us show you how.

If you are ready to expand your inventory, offer new client services, need help getting the word out about a community-based program, fundraiser or opportunity, we have the know-how and experience to help. And best of all, we can do this affordably and go at your pace, without cutting corners. We are small business owners helping small business owners.

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Services to help you grow

Business Advising

We are ready to advise you on how to successfully get your business off the ground, or on on how to grow your small business or local organization. We provide no nonsense measured, practical and actionable advice on business strategy, marketing, promotion and more.

Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a solopreneur of an early stage company presently headquartered at your dinner table, or the owner-manager of a growing business with employees, you know the meaning of feeling inseparable from your role as business owner and your own self. Setting healthy boundries to ensure self-care, self-management is key to business success. Your business needs consulting. You need coaching to be successful. Take care of you, body and mind, so you may take care of business without burning out. It can be done.

Brand & Identity

Not sure of how to express who you are, what you stand for? You “just know” what you want to achieve, what is the reason for your busines, and you need to find a way to bring it to life for everyone else to understand? We will guide you through this process, starting with naming, logo selection and identity expression on your website. Need a logo designed? We will refer out to one of our trusted partners, we work with several talented graphic designers partners. Want to find someone else? No problem. We will advise you on selecting the best (for you) graphic design firm.

Web Development

Your website is like your calling card, it’s your virtual office, or reception room in the digital realm. For website work we partner wih a couple amazingly talented design teams. They are guaranteed to treat you right and develop a websit you will love to show off. We will facilitate and oversee the work, as they collaborate with you to dream up, conceptualize and create a website that reflect your personality, identity and brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

Marketing & Promotion

So, now you are here, and you have amazing goods and services to share with the world. Marketing sounds so dreadfully scary. We like to think of it as storytelling, with the use of ever more sophisticated tools, means and channels. But it’s really about connecting the message to the right recipients, your potential customers. We know how to help you do that. It requires skills, but it is not rocket science, and we’ll do this together. In house, we like to focus on On Page SEO and content marketing. For Paid marketing we work with a couple teams known to provide impressive results advertising online.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search
  • Social media
  • Local business listings
  • Advertising
Measuring Success

In the agency world the typical terminlogy is analytics, performance tracking or metrics. What we are talking about here is measuring success. The best way to know which activity is working or not is by looking at the data. We no longer have to guess because we have tools that we can set up to tell us how we are doing.

User Testing

Ever gone to a website and left because it did not load fast enough, or you couldn’t find what you were looking for? User testing allows us to evaluate the user experience on your website to make sure your potential customers stick around, find what they need and buy from you or call you and become your actual customers, clients or members.

Market Research

Unless you have started organically, and already successfully selling your goods or services to your market, you may want to find out who your best customers may be. Market research encompasses a variety of techniques and tools for asking those questions. You can save a lot of resources going directly to the right people with the right offer, instead of trial-and-error to find your customers. It’s a worthwhile investment if you can afford it. And you do not need thousands of dollars to do this.

Need a Director of Marketing, a VP of Business Development or similar executive management position filled, but cannot afford someone full time?

We can do that for you, and even help develop the job description, interview candidates and help you fill the position once you are ready to bring someone on full time.

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